African American Sperm Donor

For information on the shipping kit, google Biotranz.
Currently shipping is available to existing recipients.  New recipients may wish to contact me to find out when shipping will be available.

The sperm is shipped fresh (not frozen) in a kit that allows sperm to survive 12-18 hours from the time it is collected. The sperm is free, however because it must be shipped overnight in a special kit that nourishes the sperm made by N.W. Andrology, the recipient is asked to cover shipping expenses. N.W. Andrology claims that the odds of becoming pregnant with overnight sperm of good quality and count should be comparable to the general fertility rate. Typically Trent ships to one or two recipients per month, so the schedule may be unavailable at times.

Instructions on how to have the sperm shipped in the USA:

  1. Contact me through e-mail. Indicate which month to start the process, if the sperm will be shipped or picked up locally, and any additional relevant information.  I will reply back with availability.
  2. Sign the Donor Agreement and have it notarized by a public notary. Mail both copies of the contract via FedEx, UPS, or certified mail to a P.O box that will be furnished. I will return one of the copies and keep the other one.
  3. Begin charting ovulation dates with a fertility predictor kit.
  4. Check the calendar for availability. When peak fertility dates are known, notify Trent via e-mail preferably at least 2 weeks before and up to two months before the date. Trent will put the date on the calendar with the recipient's first name.  Up to three days can be reserved on the calendar if the exact fertility date is not known yet.
  5. One week before the date, make a online payment of $194.27. Click here to send $194.27. (This price includes $89 for the N.W. Andrology shipping kit, + $40.27 for N.W. Andrology's shipping to Trent, + $65.00 for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping to the recipient.)  FedEx Priority Overnight is guaranteed to arrive Tuesday-Friday weekdays by 10:30AM.  See note below regarding Saturday shipping. Sunday or Monday delivery is not available for overnight perishable shipping. The credit card will be authorized but the amount will not be charged until the kit is shipped.
  6. I will prepares the shipping kit the day before the recipient receives it. The recipient will receive a tracking number via e-mail from FedEx within a few minutes of the shipment leaving me. Make sure to track the overnight package at and/or call FedEx to confirm delivery in order to be ready when it arrives.
  7.  There will be two test tubes with sperm that are labled with required FDA warning information. Both tubes are the same and contain a small amount of a yolk extender buffer plus antibiotic to help keep the sperm alive. The kit comes with instructions and insemination equipment consisting of a sterile syringe, catheter, and vaginal insemination softcup. It is suggested that one tube of sperm be used immediately, and the other one within 2-4 hours or as recommended by a physician. The kit may be taken to a physician for warming, washing, and intrauterine insemination, or used directly for vaginal (only) insemination once warmed to body temperature if so instructed by the physician and recipient has no allergies to penicillin, gentamycin, or streptomycin antibiotics.
  8. Repeat this process until pregnancy is successful!  Each attempt requires a new shipping kit.
Saturday shipping:  The total price (kit + shipping) for Saturday delivery is $232.29 using Fedex Saturday delivery. Click to send $232.29.  Make sure to check with FedEx that Saturday delivery is available in recipient's area.  Sunday or Monday overnight delivery is not available.

Extra early 8:30 AM shipping:  The total price (kit + shipping) to arrive extra early (before 8:30AM) on a Tue-Friday weekday is $232.29 using Fedex First Overnight. Click to send $232.29.  Make sure to check with FedEx that First Overnight delivery is available in your area.  (For most recipients, Fedex Priority Overnight-10:30AM delivery should be acceptable in Step 5 above.)

The semen is labeled, placed into tubes, and shipped to the recipient in a container that is approved by the shipper for the transport of biological liquids. A small amount of extender yolk buffer solution is added to nourish the sperm during shipping (click for full image).